Brand building with displays

Brand building is critical to building long term, successful business relationships.  A key component of building or successfully expanding the reach of any brand is having the brand and it’s products in front of prospective customers at trade or industry relevant events.  At every event or exhibition your brand attends, make sure your overall stand, and all display material, whether as product samples, working models, printed material, information boards, handouts, competitions, or entertainment will leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

Speaking of target audiences, another critical aspect of any display space, whether an event, trade show, exhibition, reception/foyer area, retail space or B2B targetted displays, is to set a clear objective from the very start of the creative design process.  Your objective should clearly outline what will be achieved in terms of what the target audience will take away with them after laying eyes on the particular display space.

The old adage “a picture say’s a thousand words” is also extremely relevant to any visual representation of your brand, products or business.  The level of attention to detail and the quality of the finishes that make up your display make an impression both at the conscious and unconscious level of a prospect.  Be sure that your display does not detract in any way from the image your company, brand or products otherwise aspire to in the marketplace.

Have a look at the PDF below for a couple of examples of recent stands designed and built for targetted B2B audiences.  Space, lighting, signage, standout product displays, and an un-cluttered look all contributed to two display spaces that worked to leave a specific impression on both current and prospective buyers.

DR 25 Aug 2014