Displayrite Resources partners with you to maximise the returns on your investment at trade shows, exhibition stands, field days and product or showroom launches. From brief, concept, planning, production, installation, take down, maintenance and storage, we can work with you on one component of your strategy, or we can do the lot.


Critically, a clear strategy for each and every event you exhibit at will result in the best possible ROI. Products, displays, information boards, floorplan, lighting, promotions, and staffing should be reviewed and planned for according to each event, with the likely and target audience critical to these decisions. Displayrite Resources can help guide you through the decision making process to ensure you maximise your exposure.


Displayrite Resources can manage all or part of your event display requirements and ensure that your goals are realised. Many years of experience co-ordinating at trade and industry events and exhibitions mean we will help deliver a successful display space. Whatever your budget, and whatever your display size, Displayrite Resources can provide a winning display every time.


Appearance and layout of your display space can mean the difference between a customer coming into the space, or continuing to walk by as a lost opportunity. Displayrite Resources will create a display space concept that showcase’s your company and its products, and entices prospective customers to want further information, whether via immediate discussion, or later research and direct contact. Garnering tangible action from prospective customers at an exhibition or similar event can be a challenge for the best of us; our expertise in designing the physical, accessibility, and visual design aspects to your space allows you to concentrate on selling & promoting your business, brands and products.


The majority of our production work is completed in house, ensuring materials, production processes and finished goods are of the highest possible quality. Close to 50 years of experience in the field means we understand what works well and what won’t, where savings can be made, and what you should and should not compromise on.


We pack and co-ordinate shipping to and from the event, using only high quality packaging materials to avoid damage to display goods during transit. Never skimp on packaging costs; this often overlooked investment can mean the difference between a successful event, and a stressful and un-professionally presented stand.

Set-up / pull down

Ensure your salespeople don’t lose valuable time in front of customers setting up or packing up event display’s. Let us handle this for you; sales & marketing staff should be using their time for direct customer contact and networking, rather than packing up displays.  Critically, and often one of the most frequently overlooked aspects to an exhibition or event, is following up on the list of leads generated by visits to your stand.  Never allow what can quite often be a fairly significant investment in an exhibition or event to be wasted through a lack of timely follow-up afterwards.

Repairs & Maintenance

Often during events, product displays, samples and display materials can become damaged, worn, tired or simply out of date. If you display regularly at events throughout the country, you need to know all your display materials are in the best possible shape they can be. There’s nothing worse than being on-site and unpacking a damaged, tired looking or incorrect specification product sample which is meant to be the main drawcard and talking point of your stand. Displayrite can un-pack, inspect and repair any and all materials at the end of each event, to ensure they will be ready and in the best condition for the next one.


Displayrite Resources can store your display materials, samples, info-boards, and any other materials you use in conjunction with its repair & maintenance and shipping services.

One of the most important aspects to holding a successful exhibit is the planning phase.  Thorough planning will result in a stress free experience which generates sales, immediate leads, and on-going industry inquiries for many months.